IMG_20160302_125350 1Brenna Llewellyn, a 2016 graduate from the University of Western Ontario, has completed a BSc with a Major in Geology and a double minor in Geography and Writing Studies. This portfolio aims to showcase her skills as an academic and proficient writer.

Goal: “This writing portfolio will serve as a supplementary application to potential employers who require an affirmation of my writing abilities. With this portfolio, I hope to highlight not only my passion for Earth science, but also my aptitude for creativity.”

Highlighted Qualities: “By identifying as a varsity athlete and from working in varying job environments, I have not only been cultivated into a team-player, but have also learned how to strive as a leader. I take pride in upholding my own integrity and maintaining respect for others.”

Passions: “I am passionate about almost all aspects of Earth science. Seismic activity,  petroleum systems, igneous petrology, and mineralogy are just a few of my favourite studies. Creative writing has been one of my passions since a very young age, and I especially enjoy writing fiction. I even started to write a novel at the age of 11, but have yet to be finished. On a more personal note (rather than an academic one), I love to stay active – exploring the wilderness, travelling, running, combat sports, etc., and I am a huge advocate for the prevention of bullying!”

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